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 2017 Fall Dates *Early Registration Friday 8/18 8:00 at Commonwealth, **Registration on 8/25 8:00 Berkley VFW,
Captains Meeting on 9/8 8:00 @ Berkley VFW, First Night Of Play 9/15 and Last Night on 12/15!
  * Save $5 at early registration 8/18 @ Commonwealth ** Registration at Berkley VFW 8/25



 ***CAPTAINS*** Don't forget to call/TEXT in all results
  to 586-350-6085

The Detroit Open Dart League (DODL) is a steel-tip dart league founded in 1960. It is the oldest continuously running league in the nation.

Our league has 2 seasons - fall and spring. Each season consists of 12 weeks of league play and tournaments for teams and individuals. A combination of cricket and '01 games are played each week.

Our teams are made up of 4 to 6 individuals. The league plays every Friday night beginning at 8pm. The venues are located in Berkley, Royal Oak and Warren.

Please contact us, if you are interested in joining the DODL.

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